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professionalhenchman ([personal profile] professionalhenchman) wrote2011-12-29 01:13 pm

Solar update - with savings!

I just got our first PG&E bill since the solar panels went in, and for the period from 11/24/11-12/23/11, the electric portion of our bill was $86.11.  The panels have been producing since 12/3/11, but PG&E didn't get the new meter in until 12/10 - the net metered portion of our bill from 12/10-12/23 was $5.61.  For comparison, the electric portion of the previous month's bill was $198.71, and the bill covering the equivalent period of late Nov-Dec 2010 (since PG&E can't seem to use consistent dates for a billing cycle) was $246.01.  That's a savings of $112.60 over last month, or $159.90 over this time last year.  Next month, we start making lease payments of $124.35/month, which offsets most of the savings, but even so, we're showing an immediate savings of $35.55 over last year.  It has been an unusually sunny December this year, but even so, this is at the worst time of year for solar production (shortest days) - I was expecting that we'd pay a little more than we did this time last year and make up for it in the summer.  Instead, it looks like we're starting out saving money, and I'd expect that amount to increase as the days get longer.  It'll be interesting to reassess after a year, but it certainly looks like this is going to pay off quite well.

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